Tree Planting Services for Northwest Indiana

If your landscape is in need of a little extra foliage, or you’re looking to plant a tree that will last for generations to come, feel free to get in touch with us here at Blade Cuttersblade_bkg.png Landscaping in Crown Point. We also provide a variety of additional services including commercial and residential landscape maintenance, weekly lawn service, and commercial snow removal.

What to Know About Planted Trees in the Fall

In case you missed the opportunity to have trees planted in the spring, the fall is still a great season for a variety of trees that will be able to withstand winter’s chill. Labor Day makes for a great target date for the planting. With consistent and frequent watering through Columbus Day, your trees will be fighting their natural tendency to go dormant for the winter, giving them time to establish a solid root system.
However, trees like conifers might not have enough time to grow their roots into the soil. This leaves them vulnerable to winter injury and loss of moisture in their needles during the winter months. Conifers planted in the fall also run the risk of tipping over in high winter winds due to underdeveloped root systems.

The Benefits of Having Trees as Part of Your Landscape

  • Large, cared-for trees can do wonders to increase your property value.
  • During hot, temperature record-setting summers, trees with large leaves offer tremendous amounts of shade.
  • Trees can add a level of natural privacy to an otherwise open back, front, or side yard.
  • Different types of trees bring a touch of vibrant color during the fall, as well as attract songbirds during the spring and summer months.

Contact Blade Cutters Landscaping for Your Tree Service Needs

At Blade Cutters Landscaping, we would be happy to not only plant any and all trees you would like as part of your landscape, we can also offer pruning, tree healthcare, cabling and bracing, and fertilizer root injection services. Just contact us at (219) 661-8206 and we’ll be available to help you any way we can!

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