Top 5 Landscaping Tips for Crown Point Residents


If your home is your castle, then your lawn is your kingdom. There are a wide range of things Crown Point residents can do to make an ordinary lawn look stunning and unique while still remaining tasteful. Like decorating a room, there are a few key rules to follow. It doesn’t matter if you’re just planting a few trees and flowerbeds or a whole wild kingdom either — the rules remain the same.

Below are our top 5 most important landscaping tips for when you’re starting to plan a major project:

  • Start with a good foundation – Like building a house, you can’t make something great unless you have the basics down. Good landscaping begins with proper lawn care, including mowing the grass to the correct height, watering it regularly, mulching, fertilizing, and aerating. At Blade Cutters Landscaping we offer a full range of lawn care services to Crown Point area residents, and we can help you get your lawn up to snuff.
  • Do a little research – If you’re interested in really turning your lawn around, look at what other people in your area have done. Keep your eye out for interesting lawns everywhere — when you’re out, in magazines, and online.
  • Don’t neglect your trees – We have a habit of letting trees do their own thing on our lawns. If you’re concerned about the look of your yard, though, your trees are some of your most noticeable and important pieces. Make sure that they’re properly watered and fertilized when young, and keep an eye out for diseases in older trees, removing them if necessary. For the situations where you need professional help, we provide tree services including removal, stump grinding, tree preservation, pruning, and more.
  • It’s all about the presentation – They say that lighting can completely change a room without any other work having to be done. Artful lighting of different parts of your lawn such as trees and rows of bushes will add a lot. Proper lighting can also provide increased safety, with lit paths and steps not only look great but also helping to prevent people from tripping. Lights can also dissuade possible intruders.
  • Work with a landscape consultant – Behind almost every successful product is a good consultant. Brainstorming with one of our lawn experts lets you explore the many different options that may be perfect for your lawn.

These tips should set you on the right track to an outstanding lawn in no time. When the time comes to add a professional touch to your landscaping projects, trust Blade Cutters in Crown Point!

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