Low Maintenance Landscaping From Blade Cutters

Besides just cutting your grass each week and clearing up yard waste, Blade Cutters also specializes in landscaping for your yard. Americans love their lawns, but taking care of a perfectly manicured yard can require a lot of IMG_23471upkeep. Here are some low maintenance landscaping techniques we can do for you.

  1. Xeriscaping: This is a landscaping technique where you plant greenery that does well in areas that often have droughts. This means you can water less and still have a flourishing lawn.
  2. Automatic Irrigation System: What’s the most time consuming for a home owner is having to water their lawn all the time. Blade Cutters can give you more time to enjoy your lawn by installing an automatic irrigation/watering system. While expensive, they will save you water and could end up paying for themselves in the long run.
  3. Mulch: One of the services we regularly perform for our customers is putting out mulch. If you put mulch in areas of your garden or around trees, it helps to retain moisture. Mulch also prevents weeds from gaining traction in your yard. We can even set you up with your own compost pile, so you produce your own mulch!
  4. Rock Garden: An alternative to mulching is to install a rock garden. The plants needed for a rock garden are tolerant to droughts and rarely need to be watered. You also don’t need to add more rocks very often, and they can make parts of your yard beautiful and serene.
  5. Heated Driveway: One service landscaping companies often provide is snow shoveling in the winter. What we can also do for you is install a snow-melting system under your driveway. When it snows, your driveway heats up and melts the snow, eliminating any need to shovel.

Contact Blade Cutters for More Information

If you’re interested in some low maintenance landscaping for your yard, then contact Blade Cutters. We’ll be happy to come take a look at your yard and give you some recommendations for what might work best for your situation. Blade Cutters can be reached by email or by calling our office at (219) 661-8206.

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