How to Kill Weeds

Killing WeedsOne of the aspects of lawn maintenance that many home owners and businesses face is how to kill weeds. Without proper care and careful targeting, weeds can have a stranglehold on your yard. If not taken care of, weeds will spread throughout the summer and will come back next summer stronger than ever. Fortunately, part of our lawn cutting service is making sure weeds are not the focal point of your yard.

Crowding Out Weeds

Weeds are like little parasites that will grab a hold of anything they can. The best way for Blade Cutters to take care of weeds is to make sure they don’t have any space. By building up your lawn with healthy grass, trees, bushes, plants, and flowers, we’ll make sure your yard looks immaculate and weeds don’t have any room to spread.

Grass Height

When people cut their grass, they tend to cut it too short. While this may let someone take a week off mowing, it also makes it harder for the grass to get nutrients, allowing crabgrass and other weeds to take control. With our mowers, we leave your grass at one to two inches. It’s short enough where it will look good throughout the week, but allows for grass to easily grow and prevents weeds from germinating.

Hand Weeding

Depending on the size of your yard and the scope of the problem, our crew may decide hand weeding is the best option. Once you take us on, we come out for spring and fall maintenance. Spring, when dandelions are just starting to come up, is the best time to hand weed, allowing for direct targeting of weed threats.


For serious cases, Blade Cutters must resort to herbicides. We study grass, weeds, and chemicals, so we know the right herbicides to use to keep your lawn healthy while eliminating weeds. Blade Cutters advises letting the professionals handle the chemicals because it’s very easy to accidentally kill off your lawn if you’re not properly trained.

Contact Blade Cutters

Are you in need of some weed killing help? Maybe you’re just looking for someone to cut your lawn each week. Blade Cutters is available for a variety of lawn and landscaping services. Contact Blade Cutters and let us know how we can help.

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