How Often Should You Apply Fertilizer?

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Applying fertilizer is a great way to help give your grass the nutrients it needs to be healthy. It provides your lawn with nitrogen and various other vitamins and minerals which may be low or absent in your soil. But you simply can’t slap fertilizer on your lawn whenever you want and call it a day; there are specific times you should apply your fertilizer. Follow this basic fertilizer application schedule for the best success.

Early Spring

The first time you should apply fertilizer should come sometime in the early spring. Make sure all the snow in your area has melted and that the ground is thawed and the grass is starting to come back. An application of fertilizer early in the spring helps provide it with the nutrients that were stripped away during the long, hard winter months.  Grass growth is also at its most vigorous in the spring.

Late Spring

A nice application of fertilizer in the last spring can help carry it through the tough summer months. Your application should be at least six to eight weeks from your last application as too much fertilizer may harm the grass or slow its growth. Grass usually slows down its growth during the summer, especially if it’s cool-season grass.

Take a Break in the Summer

Applying fertilizer during the summer can actually harm the grass. The high heat of the summer can cause damage to your grass that is only exasperated by covering it with fertilizer. Fertilizer is only good for promoting growth and grass slows down its growth in the summer. The best way to keep your lawn healthy in the summer is to water it regularly; about two to three times a week will keep it from drying out and browning.

Early Fall

Once the weather starts cooling down a little after summer, it’s time to consider applying fertilizer again. Apply it in early fall, again spreading out applications every six to eight weeks. Depending on your weather conditions, you should get at least two applications in before winter falls. Fertilization of warm weather grasses is very important during the fall as this is when they grow the most. For cold weather grasses, fertilization in the fall serves as a way to give your grass a dose of nutrients to help them last through the winter.

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