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Tree Planting Services for Northwest Indiana


If your landscape is in need of a little extra foliage, or you’re looking to plant a tree that will last for generations to come, feel free to get in touch with us here at Blade Cutters Landscaping in Crown

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Blade Cutters Offers Quality Landscaping For Crown Point Indiana


Folks in Indiana looking for an affordable way to get top of the line landscaping on their lawn, Blade Cutters is here for you. We offer landscaping  services to Crown Point residents, with a wide range of high quality offerings to get your

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Blade Cutters Can Help Your Grass in Munster

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Every neighborhood has that one house where the grass is constantly yellow with weeds so high, they’re climbing up the house. Children likely think it’s haunted. Boo Radley lives there. Most people don’t want that house. They want a nice

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Blade Cutters Can Get Rid of Crabgrass

Crabgrass is perhaps the most dreaded of lawn adversaries. This weed will make your grass look patchy and can quickly dominate the entire lawn. Part of our lawn care service is management of weeds like crab grass. Our staff studies

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How to Kill Weeds

One of the aspects of lawn maintenance that many home owners and businesses face is how to kill weeds. Without proper care and careful targeting, weeds can have a stranglehold on your yard. If not taken care of, weeds will

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Blade Cutters Offers Lawn Mowing Services to Crown Point Residents

Blade Cutters offers weekly lawn services and landscaping to Crown Point homes and businesses. Our company is made up of hard working and dedicated individuals who are consistently educating themselves about the lawn service industry. We’re constantly looking at the

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Blade Cutters Offers Lawn Spraying to the Munster Area

Early sping and summer is an important time for your lawn, as its imperative you take care of all weeds before they get out of control. Using your hands to pull weeds can be fine if you don’t have too

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Blade Cutters Offers Full-Service Lawn Care and Maintenance

Why waste every weekend taking care of the lawn when you should be enjoying it? Blade Cutters offers Munster-area residents full-service lawn care to speed up this process! We can take care of the weekly lawn cutting, landscaping, and seasonal

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How Often Should You Apply Fertilizer?

Applying fertilizer is a great way to help give your grass the nutrients it needs to be healthy. It provides your lawn with nitrogen and various other vitamins and minerals which may be low or absent in your soil. But

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Looking for a Great Lawn Fertilizer Company in the Crown Point Area?

Though having a beautiful lawn may seem like less of a priority than an inviting, comfortable house, the two are actually equally important. What surrounds your house is just as important as the house itself. Here at Bladecutter’s, we’re committed

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