Blade Cutters Can Get Rid of Crabgrass


Crabgrass is perhaps the most dreaded of lawn adversaries. This weed will make your grass look patchy and can quickly dominate the entire lawn. Part of our lawn care service is management of weeds like crab grass. Our staff studies how weeds grow, so we know how to get rid of them. You can trust us to get rid of your crabgrass problem.

Growing a Healthy Lawn is the Best Solution

In some cases, chemicals do have to be used to get rid of crabgrass. Rather than being armed head to toe with spray guns, Blade Cutters has found the best way to get rid of crabgrass by properly taking care of your lawn. By making the conditions for regular grass to grow amazing, a natural, healthy lawn will obliterate the crabgrass.

If crabgrass is an issue, we will leave your lawn a little longer and cut the grass more frequently. This technique will prevent the crabgrass from growing and spreading while giving your lawn room to flourish.

Using Chemicals

The use of chemicals to kill crabgrass should only be carried out by professionals as it is very easy to accidentally ruin your whole lawn if you don’t know what you’re doing. The best time to use chemicals is in the spring or winter before the crabgrass has started to grow. Since the time for that is over, there are still chemical options. We usually only advise doing this when the crabgrass has taken up large patches of your yard and there’s no other option.

Manual Removal

Another technique we might try is to go and get our hands dirty. The reason why crabgrass got its name is because it has a central root and then spreads out with tendrils similar to a crab’s body. Using a pair of pliers, it’s possible to remove the root. This is something that can be done in the spring or with small cases of crabgrass.

Contact Blade Cutters for Crabgrass Maintenance

If you’re having issues with crabgrass, contact Blade Cutters. We’ll have a member of our team come out to inspect your yard and prescribe a course of action. Each case is different and our method of treatment varies, but we will get the job done!

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